Broken iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair

Broken iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair.

Broken iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair.

Broke your iPhone 6 Plus Screen?

We can help you repair your broken iPhone 6 Plus Screen, whether it’s the digitizer touch, or the LCD.

How long does a iPhone 6 Plus repair take?
Most iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repairs only take 20-30Min, and we only use high quality parts, and we offer a 1-Year Warranty.

Do I need to leave it with you?
No, you're welcome to hang out and watch us work on your iPhone 6 Plus Screen repair.

Premium VS Non-Premium Screens:

There are two types of screen on the market:
The cheap Chinese screen has thinner glass, bluish colors, you can't use it in landscape mode with sunglasses because the screen turns DARK. This is perfect if you’re trading in the phone, we guarantee that your phone carrier will accept the cheaper screen, saving you money!

LED Apple Grade Screen: Same colors as original, original thickness in glass, smoother touch, better graphics, and can be viewed at ANY angle with sunglasses! Best in the market. This is the screen that you want if you plan on keeping your phone.

If I have any issues?
Rest assured knowing that we take care of you, we will always make it right because we depend on YOUR recommendation to keep the lights on.

Do you Price match, I found it cheaper at XXX:
Yes! Bring us a copy of the AD from a LOCAL SHOP and we'll price match them. We only use high quality parts, phone repairs don't take hours, and we'll get you back on the road ASAP.

Can I bring my own PART?
Sure! Labor starts at $50, and you will have to rely on your sellers warranty if you have any issues. If you are unsure which is the right part, CALL US.

I tried FIXING my own phone, can you still help me?
YES, Not a problem.

Do you sell parts?
Yes! We do, and as such, all parts are fully tested in front of the customer and covered with a warranty. There are NO RETURNS as by buying the part you assume full responsibility that you know what you're doing. If you give up on the repair we can still help.

Okay! I’m ready to set up my iPhone 6 Plus broken glass screen repair, what’s next?

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