Broken Laptop LCD Screen Repair

Broken Laptop LCD Screen Repair.

Broken Laptop LCD Screen Repair.

Broke your Laptop Screen?

We can help you repair your broken laptop Screen, whether it’s the digitizer touch, glass cover or the LCD.

How long does a Laptop screen repair take?
Most Laptop Screen Repairs only take 20-30 Min, we only use high quality parts, and we offer a 1-Year Warranty. Depending on your model, sometimes we need to order your LCD direct and that may take 3-4 days to receive.

OEM Screens VS Aftermarket Screens:

There are two types of screens on the market:
Aftermarket Laptop replacement LCD: Perfect for a cheap quick fix and usually very similar to the original screen you had installed from factory. This is perfect if you want to save money and get back on the road.

Original Manufacturer Screen: Same colors as original, original thickness in glass, smoother touch, better graphics, and is an EXACT replacement for the original screen. In some laptops, this is the only available replacement laptop screen. This screen is great for keeping the same feel as the original screen.

Do I need to leave it with you?
You can either leave your laptop with us and pay only after you pick up. If you leave your laptop for a screen repair, we will immediately order the replacement part after giving you a quote and get it repaired as soon as the part is in our hands. You can also choose to hold onto your laptop while the part is shipped, but we do ask that you pay for the repair ahead of time so we can securely order your replacement laptop screen.

What If I have any issues?
Rest assured knowing that we take care of you, we will always make it right because we depend on YOUR recommendation to keep the lights on.

Do you Price match, I found it cheaper at XXX:
Yes! Bring us a copy of the AD from a LOCAL SHOP and we'll price match them. We only use high quality parts, our repairs don't take hours, and we'll get you back on the road ASAP.

Can I bring my own PART?
Sure! Labor starts at $50, and you will have to rely on your sellers warranty if you have any issues. If you are unsure which is the right part, CALL US.

I tried FIXING my own laptop screen, can you still help me?
YES, Not a problem.

Do you sell parts?
Yes! We do, and as such, all parts are fully tested in front of the customer and covered with a warranty. There are NO RETURNS as by buying the part you assume full responsibility that you know what you're doing. If you give up on the repair we can still help.

Okay! I’m ready to set up my Laptop Screen screen repair, what’s next?